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Riding by the Sea
Established 1973

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How about a gallop along the waves and the golden sands of the beaches on the North West Atlantic Coast of Ireland?
The Horse Holiday Farm is located directly on the sea.

Soak in the beautiful scenery, open spaces, and surefooted horses on a horse riding vacation in counties Sligo and Donegal.

The views are stunning: crashing waves, great sunsets, seals on the shoreline, a table mountain, green pastures, Dernish Island, the great Atlantic – all this from the Horse Holiday Farm.

Enjoy this magnificent landscape on a horseback riding vacation, this is a horseman’s / horsewoman’s paradise.
You can taste the salt and the sea, feel the sun, hear waves and seagulls and smell horses.

Join us at Horse Holiday Farm to experience our:

Riding by Sea: 4 Days and 7 days             
The Yeats Trail:  4 Days
The Donegal South Trail:  4 Days and 7 days
The Donegal West Trail:   7 Days
(Click on each programme for full details)

The unguided Trails are suited to a minimum of 2 persons - but, if you really would like to ride a Trail and you don't have a riding companion we have the possibility to help you find one on our
Meeting Page

Anne Dowie from the Los Angeles Times described the Horse Holiday Farm like this:
“The beauty of the scene – a panorama of the Slieve League peninsula, with four strands of beach and as many separate weather systems -–left us in awe.  Colette pointed out the solitary and eerie Classiebawn Castle at Mullaghmore, on a promontory to the distant far right.  Then with a sweeping gesture to the right, she identified each strand of beach:  Mullaghmore, then Cliffoney and to the left Streedagh and Lissadel, and told us that at low tide we could ride on all four, from one to the other.
To the left was Sligo Bay, shimmering in the late-day sun, and directly behind us a few miles away was the smooth, hulking form of Benbulbin, below whose bare sloping head in Drumcliffe churchyard, lies the grave of William Butler Yeats, marked by a stone etched with his words: “Cast a cold eye/On life, on death / Horseman, pass by”.  “

Judy Armstrong from Gallop Magazine, UK wrote:
“Five miles of caramel sand stretched before me, Sun kissed the island’s ridge and the sea swirled at my feet.  The air was fresh, salty, full of pre-sunset silence.  And solitude… I was the only person in the whole world and Inishowen was the only horse.  
He snorted, gathered himself into a tight, tight ball and danced on the beach: I let the reins run through my fingers and together we galloped along the featureless sand.  Sand, wiped clean by the sea.  Sand with no tracks no hoof prints, no sign of others passing.
 We galloped, my pretty horse and I, toward a chunky castle on the skyline, past dunes swaying with sea-green grass.  We galloped for miles and miles, punching hoof prints into the golden grains, carving our mark on our pristine, private beach.

In order to participate in our Trail riders must be fit and able to trot, canter and gallop at ease, You must also be capable of taking good care of your horse: feed , groom and tack up.
On all programmes children must be over 12 years of age and good riders and also must be capable of spending long hours in the saddle.

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Riding by the Sea
Reiten am Meer
Randonnées équestres au bord de la mer
Cavalcare in riva al mare
Riding by the Sea
Ridning ved havet
Meren rannalla ratsastaminen
Riding by the Sea
Ridning vid havet